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    Guest Rick Research

    SSSSSHHHH!!!! Now you've spoiled our "secret!" cheeky.gifcheers.gif

    What color is the backing material?

    I don't find anybody navy (25 and 12?) so it must be army... and they don't show Silesian Eagles.

    ALWAYS show me the back so I can do my gnome-work in the Underground Catacombs of the Archives.

    I'm back after some hours, and as a PAIR, the "pure Prussian" HHOX and EK are hopeless. Without a photo of this recipient wearing this ribbon bar...

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    thanks much for the greetings and comments beer.gif

    here is the other side of the bar (thanks much rick for the help so far - its stunning to me how fast you are - do you still need the rank lists or do you use your brain while your eyes are closed?) wink.gif

    thanks much! christian

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    Guest Rick Research

    No, there must be at least 50 (I gave up as the list lengthened) "possible" army recipients, with NO way to verify the Silesian Eagle unless they made general and have their portraits showing ribbon bars.

    It takes a "mix" of awards to trace somebody. "Pure Prussian" is too common.

    If it had been navy, that would have been easy for me, because I have the Biblio Verlag admirals' biographies, which LIST Freikorps service, even if no ribbon bars show in the portraits. There were very few navy HHOXs and of course far fewer in the Reichsmarine for a suspects list.

    But army showing Freikorps service, that I do not have....

    That guy was certainly an Oberst, and almost certainly a General...

    but WHO????

    I can't identify these two of mine, either--


    the upper one is an (E) officer with only "12," so not in any Rank Lists that show awards, and the lower one is a Prussian/Mecklenburg/25-12 combination that about two dozen officers had, so without finding one in a photo wearing the spindly little Spange and no "flowers" medals... no hope.

    Same with this Godet-made (note the WEIRD ?M3K wreath!) wartime WW1 bar-- despite MANY awards (and Daniel Krause has one to the same officer with a couple MORE), he had no post-1918 military career and so THIS cannot be traced, either:


    At least there is some hope that your bar will show up in a General's portrait!

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    thanks much for the over all info about ribbon bars.

    i've seen it at a dealers table and thought love.gif

    the condition and all and get it (ok, not really cheap - but whats cheap nowadays)

    and with a little hope for the future i will get another happy day then.

    but the info i have now is also great!

    unbelievable that this nice ribbonbar with the "?schi" and ottoman ribbons is not id able!

    but as nice as the other 2 love.gif


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