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    Very nice little group and an interesting officer's Soldbuch. They never seem to contain much information beyond pay, but at least the units he drew pay from show where he must have been.

    He might have been wounded and then assigned to an infantry regiment after recovering from his wounds/injuries at Hanau hospital.

    Maybe he knew Leutnant der Reserve Otto Schneider of 2. Bayerisches J?ger-Bataillon, who was awarded the MVO4X on 20 April 1915:


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    His career is a blank page up until Mid 16 where he seems to join the 2. J?ger for a few weeks at Verdun where he is wounded, lands up at Hanau in the Hospital, then lands up in the newly formed Bavarian 15th Div (31. Regt) and is then wounded on the Aisne, missin the Regts stint in Verdun. He was paid in June 1917... July 1917 is missing, August 1917 is in hospital.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Hmm, I missed this one completely.

    But David's right, all you have with the pay book is the record of which unit paid him and when, and I agree it suggests a bad wound, long hospitalization, and then recuperation at the Field Recruit Depot and so on.

    You(ze) need to get his/their "Auszuge aus der Kriegsrangliste" from the Bavarian War Archives. Allllllllllllllll is revealed in those large 4 folio page gems. They've gOT the records to, so no sense wondering.

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