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    Research OGPW 2nd class Nr. 511279

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    Hi everyone,

    this one should be easier, as its typed in quite clear letters.

    Award Card Reverse

    Here are the awards, as listed:

    Order of the Red Banner Nr. 8631 (!) 21.3.1940

    Order of the GPW 2nd class Nr. 511279 17.05.1945

    Medal for Military Merit Nr. 2.942.094 06.05.1946

    Order of the Red Star Nr. 2.741.896 06.11.1947

    Order of the Red Banner Nr. 408.374 20.04.1953 (I have a group with a LS-ORB Nr. 408.346)

    Medal for the Defense of Stalingrad

    Medal for Victory over Germany

    Edited by Gerd Becker
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    Very interesting... I don't have my Russian dictionaries here, but if I'm not mistaken, he was the commander of a tank retriever (evacuation) company, and received his OGPW for retrieving 101 tanks and self-propelled guns. I wasn't even aware that these existed as separate units, but it definately makes sense! Quite interesting!


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    Thanks for the reply, Dave. Thats sounds very interesting. I have never heard about seperate tank evacuation units too, i allways was under the impression, that either the crew was responsible to evacuate their tank or with special personal, who were attached to the Tank-Units.



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    Here is my own try. Let me know, what you think. Any volunteer for filling the gaps is welcome.

    Captain Grigorii Semjenovitch Nikolenko, born 1910, in the Red Army since 1932

    Junior Lieutenant 1938

    Lieutenant 1940

    Senior Lieutenant 1941

    Captain 31.03.1942

    Major 23.09.1949

    Lieutenant Colonel 03.11.1952


    In the time of the 14. January until 15. April 1945 the 60th Company of Captain Nikolenko evacuated 101 Tanks and self-propelled guns.

    Comrade Nikolenko appeared in his unit as a ??? Commander with fortitude, who carried out all tasks of the ??? mobilizing his subordinates despite all overcoming difficulties and dangers. During the evacuation in the region of ... his unit evacuated 18 tanks and self-propelled guns without a loss.

    For showing Courage and Initiative he deserves to be awarded the Order of the Great Patriotic War 2nd class.

    Chief of REO UK VT and MV (still trying to figure out, what that is) 2nd Belorussian Front

    Lieutenant-Colonel Privalov (?)

    Edited by Gerd Becker
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    Guest Rick Research

    Born 14.11.10 in Staraya Novopavlovskaya, Stavropol Krai. CPSU in March 1938 (as everybody else was being purged!!!!!) # 2,204, 485. Married Lyudmila Ivanopvna born 1918, 1 daughter 1938.

    Commander of Technical Maintenance Company, 85th Tank Brigade, Stalingrad Front August 1942

    Commander of Tech Maint Comp 85th Tank Brig 27.9.42

    Commander of Tech Maint Comp 85th Tank Brig on Northern caucasus Front 10.2.43

    Commander of Evacuation Company of 60th Independent Regiment, 2nd White Russian Front 10.6.44, Commander of 251st Independent Unit for Evacuation of Tanks 29.11.46 (and no doubt still extremely busy then), ended his career as Deputy Regiumental Commander for Mechanized Forces in 975th Rifles Regiment of 270th Rifles Division (from 10.12.53) and same 118th Rifles Regiment/44th Rifles Division 30.5.55. Retired 14.12.55

    An unexpected but VITAL frontline combat recovery and repair function.

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