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    Found this Unusual Item!

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    any significance??

    Sorry but the pics are not so good.

    It has a Skull on the top, one Nazi eagle and another type of Eagle on the top of the shank, and a nice ball end at the bottom.

    Anyone know anything about these things??

    Can some-one give me an idea of its worth, as i cannot seem to find anything with reference to this type of Nazi regalia.

    Thanks Gents

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    Guest Rick Research

    That is

    WEIRD! ohmy.gif

    Is it long enough to be a cane?

    The eagle in the first scan is off an SA/SS dagger grip.

    Very, very strange!!!!

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    Something seems strange about this piece. The gold thing on the end is the kind of thing I have to keep my inside doors from opening too far and allowing the handle to hit the wall. I do not think that piece of the item is old.

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    Hello Gents,

    Well a Door stop? one would have never have thought!

    Bob, this is from the same seller as the SS dagger, so am dubious from the start...

    What do you reckon i should offer??or should i run a mile..... ohmy.gif

    Thanks for your time!

    Best regards


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