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    Perhaps this is not really a proper subject, but perhaps I need to vent a bit.

    After stumbling around the TR for quite a bit, I am amazed to have landed here.

    For all the devilish TR impact the absolute beauty and art of the imperial period is breathtaking.

    It amazes me the value of the imperial period both in terms of economics and satisfaction is not more widely appreciated as opposed to the 1,000 year zinc reich.

    I am not critizing anyone, I just need to make my less than humble observation.

    Many thanks to all the "gentlemen" here that I highly value!!!


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    i became disillusioned with TR mostly because of

    my own stupidity in buying first and studying second...

    fortunately, it was more fun than frustrating.

    with my interest in the iron cross, however,

    it was very difficult to avoid going a bit further

    back in time.

    actually, The Iron Time....

    it was a real catalyst for my moving into

    the amazing story that is the history of the EK.

    and that includes the TR.

    basic to all of this is the concept so aptly put

    in Peckinpaugh's "Cross of Iron" :

    "i will take you to the fields where the iron crosses grow..."

    (or something like that).

    while some of these were handed out rather freely, i would venture

    that the majority were earned... and each one of those is a story

    in itself.

    and that's what makes it all so fascinating!

    enjoy the ride.


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    And the simple decidedly elegant...

    I too have been bitten by the bug Rod...and although I am learning...the folks here are the best...and a wealth of knowledge.

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