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    U-Boat shoes - prototypes from 1943!

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    this pair of shoes are what I believe to be a prototype set of u-boat shoes, made for use by, for instance, the bridge watch. Think of the many films where you see the bridge watch personnel slioding down the access ladder during a crash dive, to land heavily on the deck grating. Broken or twisted ankles must have been common. I think these shoes incorporate a "damping" system like some modern day sports shoes from Adidas, to absorb the impact. The shoes are sectioned for a few inches on both sides, so that you can see the coil springs in the interior.

    The markings inside are: "KMK 1943 - UBOOT - 452"

    Any commentaries are welcome!

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    I would like to see a picture of the bottom of this boot . From what I can see I doubt this is a real u-boat related item . I see now sellers stamping anything possible with a u-boat marking in order to get a higher price .

    From the side view the sole of the boot looks nothing like what was used on erman military boots at that time . The Upper material looks very new in the picture, the material looks almost white and any light colored material after 60 years tends to turn a brownish color . Also the shape of the boot looks nothing like a standard u-boat shoe , one would think that they would use the same shape and material as the regular shoe with this additional spring loaded bottom . The stamps do not thrill me either ! " u-boot " do you see this on other items like clothes or a tauchretter for example ? Do you really need o u-boot stamp inside a pair of pants or a shirt ? Just my humble opinion , but these are very interesting boots! Maybe post war for mine sweeper boats ?


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