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    Citation for Medal for bravery - translation help required

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    Today I got two more researches but unfortunately I don't have the full tranlations yet so I was hoping someone could translate the citations for me as I am very courious, why were these two medals awarded..

    The first is a medal for bravery citation, I hope the pic is not too small.

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    Thank you for offering help, but I can't post full pics because of the size limit of 60 kb. If you would like, I can send the full pics of award cards and other documentation to your e-mail.

    <br />Hello Ostfront,<br />Can you post the award cards (both sides) and full (not cut) version of citation? I would be happy to provide you a complete translation fot both Bravery and MM medals.<br />
    <br /><br /><br />
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    Here is a translation for Bravery medal.

    During the force crossing of river Pregel on April 8, 1945, despite heavy machine-gun and mortar enemy fire, the truck driver Avladoshvili uninterruptedly delivered pontoon equipment to the place of the new bridge construction. Due to his actions, the bridge was completed on time as it was ordered by high command, so the artillery units and the ammunition of advancing Red Army troops were able to cross the river.

    For excellent on-time delivery of pontoon equipment and displayed bravery and courage Private Avladoshvili deserves state award Bravery Medal.

    Commander of 82nd Independent Light Crossing Park Captain Voskresensky.

    April 10, 1945.

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