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    Pakistan Army in parade

    Antonio Prieto

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    A fine looking group of men! I've always thought that khaki with a little red was a nice, elegant but understated look. (Hence the Corps of Guides dress uni which someone referred to recently on another thread.)

    Is it just me, or do they have a very "British" look to uniforms and accouterments?


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    Is it just me, or do they have a very "British" look to uniforms and accouterments?

    This is true for both Pakistan and India (even for Bangladesh). Old traditions die hard. Guess that's why they're called "traditions"?

    In recent years, as India has gotten closer to the US, there has been some contagion spreading from that side. A proliferation of meaningless little badges, using collar-badge stars for general-grade officers, etc. Sad.

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    A couple of ID's on his bars please

    Row #1

    a: Tamgha-i-Quai-i-Azam

    b: ?

    Row #2

    a: Istar-i-Herb

    b: Tamgha-i-Jang

    c: ?

    d: ?

    Row #3

    a: 10 yr

    b: 20 yr

    c: 30 yr

    d: ?

    Row #4

    a: Wiladat-i-Quaid-iAzam

    b: Hijri medal

    c: Jamhuriat medal

    d: Golden Jubilee medal of the pakistani revolution

    Row #5

    a: Pakistand Independence Day Golden Jubilee medal

    b: ?

    c: ?

    d: ?

    Would that be correct?

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    The guard of honour is drawn from the Guard Battalion which provides ceremonial guards in the Pakistani capital. At the President's House, office, PM's office etc. Currently this duty is being done by a battalion of the POK (Pakistani Ocuppied Kashmir) Regiment. their parent formation is X Corps (headquartered at Chaklala, Rawalpindi). For operations and internal security the battalion comes under 111 Independent Brigade Group, the Pakistan Army's coup-implementation force.

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