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    Guest Rick Research

    That was His Imperial And Royal Nibs's. I saw that decades ago at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Noo Yowk City-- and was surprised how SMALL he was. Elfin, even.

    Notice that he has modestly turned his own image UNDER on the ribboned awards, so the backs are up.

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    how SMALL he was. Elfin, even.

    Several years ago there was a travelling exhibit called "Nicholas and Alexandra" crossing the USA and my family and I stopped to see it in New Orleans. They has quite a few of Czar Nicholas' uniforms in the display. I'd say an average 10-12 year old boy of today would easily have fit into his uniforms. He was fairly short and very, very slender.

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    Franz Josef or Karl?

    Seine allerh?chste Majest?t Franz-Joseph I, von Gottes Gnaden Kaiser von ?sterreich, Apostolischer K?nig von Ungarn, K?nig von B?hmen, von Dalmatien, von Kroatien, von Slawonien, von Galizien, von Lodomerien und Illyrien, K?nig von Jerusalem, etc. ; Erzherzog von ?sterreich, Grossherzog von der Toskana und Krakau, Herzog von Lothringen und von Salzburg, von der Steiermark, von K?rnten, von Krain und von der Bukowina; Grossf?rst von Siebenb?rgen ; Markgraf von M?hren; Herzog von Ober- und Niederschlesien, von Modena, von Parma, von Piacenza und Guastalla, von Auschwitz und Zator, von Teschen, Friaul, Ragusa und Zara ; Gef?rsteter Graf von Habsburg und Tirol, von Kyburg, G?rz und Gradisca ; F?rst von Trient und von Brixen; Markgraf von der Ober- und Niederlausitz und in Istrien ; Graf von Hohenems, Feldkirch, Bregenz, Sonnenberg etc. ; Herr von Triest von Cattaro und auf der Windischen Mark ; Grosswojwod der Wojwodschaft Serbien, etc.; Kaiserliche und Apostolische Majest?t.

    This is His Majesty's fieldmarshal's uniform and the decorations are as follows:

    War Medal, 1873

    Officer's Decoration for 50 Years of Military Service,

    Gold Jubilee Medal for the Armed Forces, 1898,

    Military Jubilee Cross, 1908,

    Russian Order of St. George 4th Class.

    The sash is of the Military Order of Maria-Theresia.

    The stars are of:

    Military Order of Maria-Theresia,

    Order of St. Stephen,

    Order of Leopold,

    Order of the Iron Crown.

    The neck decoration is the Order of the Golden Fleece.

    Thanks for sharing! :)

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    It seems everyone was smaller back then. I've seen a Mexican colonels uniform here in Texas at the Battle of San Jacinto monument museum (Texas' War for Independence) that, as Mike said of Nicholas II, a 10 year old kid of today could easily have fit in. By the way, the uniform time period was 1830's. Photos are deceiving, I never realized that Franz Josef or Nicholas II were that small :o



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    • 1 month later...

    The photo was taken at the Heeresgeschichtliches Museum in Vienna. A MUST for any Imperialists just set aside the day as there is a LOT to see !

    Dear Nick,

    that's absolutly true :jumping: .

    The HGM http://www.hgm.or.at/eng/ has also a breathtaking section of the Austrian Navy, which had been the most modern & advanced fleet in WW I, despite the fact, that they never got outside the Adriatic Sea :( .

    Battle of Lissa http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Lissa_(1866) :

    The section covering the years from 1918 to 1945 is also worth seeing.

    There is also a large collection of tanks (1943 - 1990s) outside of the building:

    Some weeks ago, the HGM got a new, rather young, director, Dr. Mario Christian Ortner, MA, who started to improve a lot of shortcomings.

    Director Ortner:

    The HGM is one of the rare museums in Vienna, that have open on Mondays! The entrance fee is with EUR 5,10 very moderate in comparison to other museums in Vienna. You will find also a pleasant small restaurant - with genuine cheapest "military" prices! - and an interesting book shop inside. Free parking in front of the building.

    Whenever you are in Vienna, don't miss to visit the "Museum of Military History" :D .

    Best regards :beer:


    BTW: If you have some special interests in terms of HGM, please feel free to contact me - I might arrange something for you :love: .

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