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    In earlier times Jaffna was known as ?Yaalpaanam?. Geographically, the peninsula of Jaffna together with its seven little islands, crowns the island of Sri Lanka. Tamils originated mainly from different parts of southern India. In ancient times, the entire island (Ilankai or Lanka) may have come under the sway of the principal Dravidian dynasties, known as Chera, Chola and Pandya, and these Kingdoms collectively spanned the entire South Indian region.

    Cevvirukkai Nadu was the ancestral home of the Arya Chakravarti, Kings of Jaffna. Cevvirukkai Nadu is the name of a place in Rameswaram, the southernmost Indian city which in the old days belonged to the Ganga Dynasty or Ganga Vamsa. The Arya Chakravarti, Kings of Jaffna, belonged to the Ganga Dynasty. They then entered into matrimonial alliances with Brahmins and assumed the title ?Arya? as a distinctive honorific.

    The Royal Orders and Decorations



    The Royal Family Order of Jaffna (Y.K.V.C.)

    Grand Collar and Collar Badge,

    Sash Badge and Breast Star

    Yaalpaanarasu Kudumpaththinar Viiraththiruththakaiththokuthic Cinnam

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    There's more than a little bit of fantasy in the air here. Another one of these "pretender" states that exists with great historical certainty in the mind of the "head of the dynasty", but in the minds of no one else.

    Interesting psychology and sociology, minimal phaleristics or history.

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    Nevertheless, these things might actually exist somewhere as more than drawings on a website (though many such fantasy awards do not), and might pop up some day to confuse people. For this reason, collecting informtion on them is valuable, just so long as we don't get misled about what they are and what they are not.

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