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    This tab is a recent pick up. Along with it, I received a Field Division Lt tab.

    When looking at images sent to me via email, I initially thought that it was for a General Staff officer. Well, when I opened the packet, I was suprised to see that the tab not the expected carmine. It was ROSE pink!


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    Now for comparison...

    We know that the Engineer tabs are Rose pink, by definition.

    We also know that the General Staff collar insignia are carmine.

    Now we have the Engineer tab to the Right, the "Panzer" tab in the center, and the General Staff Officer tab on the Left.

    You can see for your self the tab matches the rose Engineer tab!!!! This color is uniform throughout the tab(even in the folds). The color is not a result of fading!

    It is very difficult to get colors to really "snap" on a scanner, but the difference is much greater in person!

    I am eager to hear all input!!!

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    I received the following possiblity from a member at another forum..

    "The mystery tab is in fact for a Flight Engineer. At some point (maybe 1944) Flight Engineer Corps officers were comissioned as regular Luftwaffe officers, providing they met certain requirments.

    Examples exist of Pink LW Officers tabs with horizonatal propellors instead of gulls! One such example is shown in Schlicht / Angolia: "Uniforms, Traditions and Insignia of the LW" published by Bender.

    Still, a rare find."

    Any other comments are greatly appreciated!



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