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    I need your help with this wehrpass

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    This is the first wehrpass I have ever had in my collection.

    It came with a lot that i bought and I don't think I'm going to keep it since I mostly collect kriegsmarine items.

    Anyway... It would be great to know what this person did, where he was and what happend during that time.

    I have tried to translate some of the book, but my German are bad and It's hard to read the handwriting in this book.

    I would really appreciate any help regarding this wehrpass.

    This is what I have managed to figure out so far:

    Please correct me if I'm wrong on something here.

    Family name: Wende

    First name:Willi Fritz

    Birthdate: 25.12.1910

    Place of birth:



    Family status:


    Parents: (father) Heinrich Wende & (Mother) ? died in 1920

    He's Promotions:

    01.04.40 Obersch?tze

    01.06.40 Gefreiten

    01.10.41 Obergrefeiten

    01.12.41 Unteroffizier

    01.03.43 Feldwebel

    01.05.44 Oberfeldwebel

    He's awards:

    05.12.41 awarded the EK II

    20.12.41 awarded the IAB (not sure if its silver or bronze)

    13.03.42 awarded the Rumanian Medal for Loyal Service 3rd Class with Swords

    20.04.42 awarded the EK I

    18.07.42 awarded the east front medal

    15.08.42 awarded the wound badge

    15.11.43 awarded the krim shield

    15.11.43 awarded the Rumanian Medal for the Crusade Against Communism with (frontline) silver bar "Crimea."

    15.11.43 awarded the Nahkampfspange (1. Stufe)

    If anyone also know what a fair price on this would be then that would be great!!

    If you need better pictures then please let me know.

    Best regards,


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    Guest Rick Research

    :speechless1: Poor Willi had a dreadful war!

    Interesting points: his year of birth was entered incorrectly and has been changed, signed by a Captain to correct that.

    The rank you could not read is "Obersch?tze."


    13.3.42 is the Rumanian Medal for Loyal Service 3rd Class with Swords

    15.11.43 is the Rumanian Medal for the Crusade Against Communism with (frontline) silver bar "Crimea."

    He is reported as MISSING IN ACTION since 17 July 1944 from Kampfgruppe Bartels, "Regiment 199," near Wilno.

    I think you will find a LOT of Wehrpass collectors who want to know if you have other "boring" :speechless1: stuff like this to get rid of! :cheers:

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    He was also present at the Siege of Leningrad, for which, I imagine, he received the EK2. Nice Crimea Shield mention too. All in all, a really nice 1940 campaign and Eastern Front book to a highly decorated soldier. Hollywood would have you believe that German soldiers were festooned with medals but many a landser went right through the war with hardly anything to show for it. This man racked up two Iron Crosses, foreign awards and a Close Combat Clasp.


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