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    Guest Rick Research

    Double Imperials are naughty but not unknown, after the silly two-worn Wehrmacht ones came in. BUT the height at which the ring was picked out of that one is higher-- just slightly higher-- than the XV

    so none of the Imperial long services medals would have been on there-- they would have been mounted lower.

    A naughty non regulation XXV might have fit-- but would have gone in FRONT.

    I agree-- what was removed was an eBad swastika'd Third Reich silver Service long service cross. Could have been either the 25 or 40-- probably the 25.

    Here's an XV with a 40 to an Old Boy for comparison of the mounting heights:

    REGULARS had WW1 service years count double (1914-18 = "10" years) towards the Imperial long services (also colonial and overseas naval service before the war) but the Third Reich awards, while REcounting that same military service, only used calendar years. So it would have been possible to hold an XV and a Third Reich 25 circa 1938 with "time in" stating as late as 1911. From the way the Feldgrau backing is applied here, I'd say this bar was made up after WW2 started.

    It is also possible that one of the R.A.D. long service medals went on there, since they are of the approximate size too and were worn in the same way with old Imperial long services. Check and see what FITS best, positioned so that all the bottom edges line up, with where the bulge from the missing award's ring was under the ribbon.

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    Thanks Rick. Beautiful bar with nice campaign service. Great observations on the taller award. Should have caught that as the round LS medals would be mounted lower. I think with what you've stated, I agree it is a 25 TR. Otherwise, the '97 Centenial should be there. But as this had no other TR awards, I did not know for sure. And with a name Grunwald, I thought maybe this guy would have been out of business after 1938! Pure speculation of course. I'll start looking for a loose 25 TR. Steve

    Edited by Steve Russell
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