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    Cejalvo PlM reproductions/fakes (not the current "ebay" Spanish fake)

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    As promised.

    Firstly, I have to correct myself on the spelling of the firm's name that made this. It's Cejalvo, not Cevaljo. My mistake.

    Here's an obverse view. In details, it closely resembles the "Beautiful but Deadly" PlM STP included in Prussian Blue. This example is multi-piece construction with the two sides of the cross soldered together, and the eagles applied seperately. The dimensions of the cross are slightly smaller than the "BbD" example, and so are the eagles which appear to have been cast using the "BbD" eagles as patterns.

    More views to follow....


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    View of upper part of the cross, showing the F/crown details (note the size of the upper part of the "F" in relation to the bse of the crown). Also, the Po spacing can be seen a bit better than in the general view.

    This shot has been "grey-scaled" because it lessens the effect of the pronounced halo in the enamel around the letters.

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    The color of the enamel is a wee bit ligher than the "Bbd" example. It is solid silver, and very lightly gilted.

    At first glance, it appears identical to the "BbD" but measurements and closer examination indicate there are subtle differences.

    The baroque loops are one difference. The Cejalvo loop lacks the underlying rib typically found on Wagner wartime pieces with the loop. The Cejalvo loop is also slightly smaller and sets more deeply in the arms of the cross than a real Wagner, or compared to the "BbD."

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    Cejalvo has been in the jewelry business since circa 1900, and is still offering these...for the not so small sum of Eur3500 !

    Comparing -this- "Cejalvo" item to known genuine Wagner made pieces provides several differences. Instead of focusing on the eagles, which are integral with the cross but added, perhaps it's best to focus on the details of the cross itself. The eagles can be 'improved" by a motivated forger who upgrades the eagles using an original example to mold and cast copies that can be added to a piece like this. That can spell trouble for someone who doesn't look at -all- of the details. Missing details such as the length of a "serif" or finial may be the result of hand-finishing or cleaning up a blank after it has been pressed in the dies.

    Previously in this thread, the Cejalvo is shown with an example of a type identified by STP as a "BbD" fake. The example STP examined is said to be solid, and gas vents present were said to be drilled. The example shown in the photo is within seven-tenths of a gram in combined loop/medal weight. The loop on this particular example is gold, and smaller than typical PlM suspension loops (or "paperclips"). One other important difference....it is -NOT- solid. It is hollow. The gas vents are not drilled and if the gas vents aligned with a light in the background, light can be seen through opposing holes. The example in the photo comparing the loops is multi-piece construction with a center seam along the arms of the cross, and seperately applied eagles.

    When there are "anomalies" such as the spacing of the "Po" that raises questions. Is it the result of hand finishing, or is it "another die"...either another working die used by Wagner, or a die used by someone who copied the design? The spacing of the "Po" might not seem critical but the center of these letters doesn't move around. They are fixed on the dies. Compare the spacing of these letters for yourself.

    I'll make some comparisons of examples from Prussian Blue, in the thread started by DonD regarding the hollow silver gilt example he posted.


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    Congratulations, an excellent analysis of this piece!

    Your mention of Cejalvo brings back a memory of passing by their shop window in Madrid about ten years ago. I marvelled at the superb quality of the pieces that they had displayed. It is frightening to think of what they can make! I seem to recall an excellent Maria Theresa Order badge in gold in the window. Unfortunately, they were closed for the afternoon "siesta" when I was there and I never got to return.

    I hate to frighten everyone, but Cejalvo is not the only jeweler that can make items of this quality. I have seen top-notch RAO copies in gold that have shown-up in Europe within the last few years.

    This hobby is getting more dangerous all of the time!

    Caveat emptor!


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    Thanks for showing this Les. I'll look it over this weekend. Right now I am celebrating the birth of my first grandchild, a beautiful baby boy.

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    • 12 years later...

    In the 80s Cejalvo offered imperial decorations at a good price and high quality. they did not sell it as originals .
    And they served well for the filling when you collect uniforms and do not want to spend a lot of money on knowing what, and knowing if it is original (then there was no internet and it was very difficult to know if what they sold you was original)
    I bought this PLM for 600 euros

    img483 B.jpg

    img484 B.jpg

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