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    What is this badge?

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    Got this recently with a group of items.

    I took a flyer on it as I may be starting to get hooked on Soviet badges.

    Any idea what it might be?

    The screwback is named to a maker in Warsaw. No other markings.

    It's a 5 piece, including screpost and screwback.


    (wait for the 3 images)

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    Dear Eric,

    a very strange badge ...

    As far as I can tell, the red star & coat of arms of the CCCP look as on authentic "Academy Badges".

    But the rest is completly queer :unsure: .

    Maybe an "expert" in the Baltic states doctered that piece with Soviet and Polish parts together :unsure: .

    Best regards :beer:


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    In twelve years of collecting soviet orders and badges I never saw such a badge.

    The crest looks like, as it is from a fake soviet graduation badge. And the body ?????



    Dear Andreas,

    dear Eric,

    you might be right, that the crest is also faked:

    - less detailed Soviet coat of arms

    - poor quality of the enamel at the red star

    The rhomb of the body has not the typical Soviet form at all.

    Maybe it's the very rare badge of the mysterious "Acadamy for Pastry Cooks" at the Supreme Command of Warsaw Pact Forces :cheeky: .

    Best regards :beer:


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