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Cuban Regulations

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"Decreto-Ley #30, de las Condecoraciones, Titulos Honorificos y Distinciones" (Gaceta Oficial de la Republica de Cuba of December 10, 1979)

If ANY member has access to a copy of this document, please contact me via PM.


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Hello, there is a piece from article (electronic translation from russian), published at "Heraldry Today" website http://sovet.geraldika.ru/article/4630.

I hope this information will be useful.

Up to the middle 1961 various departments and public organizations have approved many awards named sometimes by awards and medals which had no a level of state awards. And only in July, 1961 - before visit to Cuba the first cosmonaut of a planet - the Ministerial council has founded the first order of Republic - "National Order Playa Giron" which first recipient became the citizen of the USSR Jury Gagarin.

Up to 1979 by Ministerial council it has been founded next five state awards, reflected the basic stages of heroic struggle of Cuban

people for a victory of revolution:

- "National Order Jose Marti" (1972),

- commemorative medal "XX anniversary" (storm of barracks Moncada),

- special award (diploma) "Jesus Mendes" (1974),

- commemorative medal "XX anniversary of Revolutionary Armed forces" (1976) and

- jubilee medal " 250 years to the Havana university " (1978).

Presence of new and old state and departmental awards has caused acceptance of some the regulations acts. To first of them became the Law 17 " About system of awards and honorary titles ", accepted on June, 28th, 1978 by National Assembly of people's power. On its basis other documents have been developed and accepted. The decree-law 30 defines the full list of awards of Republic Cuba for the period up to 1980. This document following awards prove to be true as the state orders:

- " Jose Marti " (the Law 1239 from December, 2nd, 1972),

- " Carlos Manuel de Cespedes " (the Decree 586 from April, 18th, 1926),

- " Playa Giron " (the Law 949 from July, 18th, 1961),

- " Carlos J. Finlay " (the Decree 77 from January, 21st, 1928)

and medals:

- " XX anniversary " (the Law 1252 from July, 16th, 1973),

- " XX anniversary of Revolutionary Armed forces " (the Law 1314 from November, 23rd, 1976),

- "Independence" (the Decree 129 from February, 24th 1911,

- "Emigration" (the Decree 918 from October, 10th, 1913).

Then new orders and medals date of signing of the Decree-law 30 which date of establishment is, i.e. on December, 10th 1979 ?. are listed:

Orders ?

- " Maximo Gomez " (I and II degrees),

- " Camillo Cienfuegos ",

- "Ernesto Che Guevara" (I, II and III degrees),

- " the Fighter of Liberation war ",

- " Lazaro Pena " (I, II and III degrees),

- " Julio Antonio Mella ",

- " Franc Pais ",

- " Mariana Grajales ",

- " Ana Betancourt ",

- "Solidarity",

- " Juan Marinello ",

- " the Sports merit ",

- "Felix Varela" (I and II degrees);

Medals ?

- " the Gold Star " (awarded to heroes of Republic Cuba),

- " the Gold Star of work " (awarded to heroes of labor of Republic Cuba),

- "Antonio Maseo",

- " Calixto Garcia ",

- " Ignasio Agramonte " (I, II and III degrees),

- " Jesus Mendez ",

- " the Fighter of Liberation war ",

- " the Fighter of underground struggle ",

- " Siro Redondo ",

- " Osvaldo Errera ",

- " Eliseo Reyes ",

- "Fighter-internationalist" (I and II degrees),

- "Worker-internationalist",

- " the Brotherhood on the arms ",

- " For protection of border ",

- " For protection of the internal order ",

- " For bravery at performance of duty ",

- " the Labour Feat ",

- "Friendship",

- " Romarico Cordero ",

- "Abel Santamarija",

- "Hose Antonio Echeverrija",

- " the Cuban Red Cross ",

- " the Victory on Playa Giron " (commemorative).

Further honorary titles are listed: " the Hero of Republic Cuba " and " the Hero of work of Republic Cuba ", costing in hierarchy of the Cuban awards on the first and second places accordingly. The third place is borrowed with three highest orders: " Jose Marti ", " Carlos Manuel de Cespedes " and " Playa Giron ". Applicability of awards and all formalities on their application are defined by Statutes of Honorary titles and awards and Regulations about medals which are approved on December, 12th, 1979 by Chairman of the State Counsil Fidel Castro.

Final chapter of VII Decree-law 30 is devoted to awards of a level of the ministries and departments which refer to as distinctions and are listed in article 12:

- "Enrike Heart" - National trade union of workers of public administration and chapters of machineries of state;

- " Marcos Marti " - National trade union of workers of an agriculture and the Ministry of Agriculture;

- " Emilio Barcenas " - National trade union of civil serving revolutionary Armed forces and Ministry RVS;

- "Fernando Chenard" - National trade union of workers of trade and cookery and the Ministry of domestic trade;

- " Mario Nunez " - National trade union of workers of communication and the Ministry of Communications;

- " Armando Mestre " - National trade union of workers of construction and the Ministry of construction;

- "Raul Gomes Garcia" - National trade union of art workers and the Ministry of culture;

- " Rafael Maria de Mendive " - National trade union of workers of formation and a science and the Ministries of Education, higher education and Presidents of the Academy of sciences and Institute of the childhood;

- "Alvaro Barba Machado" - National trade union of workers of the wood industry;

- " Pedro Marrero " - National trade union of workers of the food-processing industry and Food Industry Ministry;

- " Jesus Suarez Gayol " - National trade union of workers of a sugar industry and the Ministry of a sugar industry;

- "Hose Ramon Martinez Alvares" - National trade union of workers of light industry;

- "Nico Lopez" - National trade union of workers chemical and a power industry;

- "Dracelio Iglesias" - National trade union of workers of a merchant marine fleet, ports and fishing and the Ministries of transport and a fishing industry;

- "Rene Ramos Latour" - National trade union of workers of mines and metallurgy and the Ministriy of a mining industry and geology and ferrous metallurgy;

- " Manuel Fajardo " - National trade union of workers of public health services and the Ministry public health services;

- " Carlos Balino " - National trade union of workers of tobacco growing and Food Industry Ministry;

- "Jose Maria Perez" - National trade union of workers of transport and the Ministries of transport and an agriculture;

- " Antero Regalado " - National association of fine land owners;

- " For excellent service " - the Ministry of Revolutionary Armed forces;

- " For service in Revolutionary Armed forces " (for 10,15 and 20 years of service for December, 2nd of each year) - Ministry RAF;

- " For service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs " (for 10,15 and 20 years of service for June, 6th of each year) - the Ministry of Internal Affairs;

- " For national culture " - the Ministriy of culture;

- " Martyrs of Barbados " - National Institute of sports, physical training and rest;

- " September, 28th " - the National management of Committees of protection of revolution;

- "Felix Elmuza" - the National Union of journalists of Cuba.

Formalities on application of distinctions are regulated by corresponding Regulations about them, approved on December, 12th, 1979

After 1980 the State Council has founded a number of new awards: for soldiers of Revolutionary Armed forces - " For service to the Native land in RAF " (I, II and III degrees), medals " XXX anniversary RAF ", " For a victory Cuba - Ethiopia ", " For Heroic defenders Kunto-Cuanavalle", " For a victory Cuba - Angola ". Medals " Alejo Carpentier ", " Jose Tey ", " For irreproachable service ", " For work and defense ", " For struggle against gangsters ", " For liquidation of illiteracy " are founded also. Distinctions have joined family of departmental awards: " Florentino Alejo " - National trade union of workers of an iron and steel industry, " For education of Cuba " - the Ministry of Education and higher education, " April, 19th " - the Ministry of Internal Affairs, " For distinguish in preparation for defense ".

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Also there are data on the established sizes of orders and medals.

Diameter of orders should be from 40 up to 45 mm, only in unusual cases it can be equaled 50 mm.

Orders ribbons in width of 25 mm should be located on suspension, made in the form of a pentagon: top and bottom sides are equaled 25 mm, and lateral - 30 mm.

Diameter of medals is established from 30 up to 32 mm, and thickness should not exceed 3 mm. Distinctions have the same sizes, as medals.

Orders and the distinctions having a ribbon and fastening to a suspension (also orders bars), wear on the left part of a breast; orders and the distinctions which are not having ribbons - on the right part of a breast.

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Good news, friends!!!

I've just recieved the scans of Gaceta Oficial de la Republica de Cuba of December 10, 1979.

A lot of thanks to guys from Pittsburg University, Microforms Departments.

Edited by IVB

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Well, I will be grateful to Spanish-speaking members for translation of this document. :)

Regards, IVB

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Wonderful, many thanks! :cheers: It is VITAL to assemble the basic sources before we have any hope of understanding these items. You have done us all a great service.

Now, off to learn Spanish . . . :P


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