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    Award Cases and Award Latches

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    I said on my post on the Faschismus medal yesterday that I would show pictures of the award lot I received that this medal was part of so I will start with that first. I'd like to use this lot of awards to show some different case designs and the three main catches used on awards in the life of the DDR.

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    I also mentioned in an earlier post the problems with the polystyrene coating on some of the medals coming off and if treated gently it could glued back into place. On the Aktivist der Socialistschen Arbeit that arrived had both pieces of polystyrene had come off. Here is a picture of the award without the polystyrene in place.

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    Back from my trip and now to continue by looking at some cases for DDR awards.

    First I'll post one of the ealy awards. It is made of wood and covered in red papaer to simulate leather. It has a brass catch to hold it closed and a steel hinge. The interior is of black flocking with a recess for the nedal. The top is white nylon (or Dederon if you prefer) and is heavily padded. Here is a pic of the top of the case. It has some damage at the rear unfortunately.

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    Hi Gordon,

    Excellent thread! :jumping::jumping: And great pics as well! There is so much still to be learned about DDR and Warsaw Pact collecting but I think we're making great strides here.

    Looking forward to more great info on these. Thanks so much for sharing all this :beer:

    Dan :cheers:

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    Guest Rick Research

    Is it possible from datable awards, to put approximate time periods for each of those being in use?

    The third type catch and pin, for instance, seems to be on just about all Cuban awards seen, but in the absence of verifiable data on creation dates and so on, can only "date" a 1986 jubilee medal! Yet there are other awards that would SEEM to go back to the 1960s, if indeed they had been instituted that far back.

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    I have that info, or at least some approximate dates somewhere. I'll see if I can dig it up over the next few days. The one thing you can be pretty certain of is that only an award with a barrel type latch should be found in an early type wooden case.



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