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    2nd Class. These are both for 1 wound... like the old Austrian Empire version, additional stripes are added to the ribbon for further awards (or continued lack of the ability to duck!).

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    Nice ones. Do I see correct that both classes in the photo state back and front, but are two versions of the same class each time? This because is looks like the ring on the medal itself is different in both photos for the left and the right one?

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    You are correct, Wilco - the first post shows the 1st class obverse & reverse, the second post shows the same for the 2nd class.

    What puzzles me is why there are two classes, when there is also provision for changing the ribbon depending on how many times an enemy marksman got lucky. All I have found on that is, if my German hasn't let me down, is that repeated awards of the SAME CLASS will get you the striped ribbons. Perhaps the class of award depends on the severity of the injury.

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    Does anyone know if this medal has ever been award?



    Hi Chris,

    This medals are awarded since 1975 till now in small numbers

    The golden one is called verwundetenmedaille 1st Class

    the silver one is called verwundetenmedaille 2nd class

    the 1st class is given for injuries that cause permanent damage (disabled persons)

    the 2nd class is given for temporary injuries

    repeated awards of the second class are indicatet by maximum five red stripes on the ribbon (as with the old AH wounded-medals)

    the medal is awarded to members of the austrian BUNDESHEER (army) in case of injuries during battle OR for injuries during

    missions in foreign countries (UN Missions)

    the medal is awrded aswell for members of austrian security forces (police, etc) that are injured during UN-Missions.



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    Found out that there is a second version of both the 1st and 2nd class that not has the text "Dem Verwundeten Soldaten", but "IM Diensten Verletzt" . The first means "The Wounded Soldier", the second "Wounded in service".

    The amount of stripes on the changable ribbon is the same as the amount of wounds received. 6 green stripes for 6 wounds, five for five wounds, and so on till the ones in the photos here for one wound.

    The 1st Class is being awarded for wounds that have effect on the rest of the persons live. For wounds that give the person a handicap. The effects of the wound have to last. For wounds that "heal", the 2nd class was obtained.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    As the above posts indicate, there were two would medals. One for issue to soldiers and one for issue to security forces. Here is a translation of the text from "ORDEN UND EHRENZEICHEN ÖSTERREICHS 1945 - 1999" by GÜNTHER ERIK SCHMIDT describing the Wound medal for Secuity Forces.


    For the medals for the members of the security authorities there is a different medal awarded, i.e. on the obverse the representation of two laurel leaves connected at the bottom with berries, one curved to the right and one curved to the left, the lower part of the right laurel leaf shows the location of a fracture. Along the edge of the lower medal half (under the laurel leaves) is written "IM DIENNSTE VERLETZT" (INJURED IN SERVICE). The back of both medals (gold and silver)shows the eagle of the federal coat of arms in the form represented on the military service medals. (Fig. 42, 43) The ribbon is field green and shows on both sides, one per, a 5 mm broad red stripe. Multiple awards due to repetitive injuries is indicated by up to five red stripe(s) shown in the center of the ribbon, each red strip is only 1 mm wide. The same as the ribbon organization with the marking of multiple awards on the model of 12 August 1917 of Emperor Karl Ist wound medal for soldiers of the K.u.K. Army, which carried on the back in Latin script "for the WOUNDED SOLDIER", i.e. "LAESO MILITI".

    Unfortunately, I do not have a picture of one of these medals to post to the thread.



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