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    Another oddity that just arrived from Detlev. He called it a calendar, but I think a better name would be autograph book. Apparently it belonged to a 13 year old schoolboy (there are several entries dealing with his confirmation) The EK is a real one on a mini ribbon, not the gesso copy one normally sees. It's going to be good practice for my S?tterlin, as all the entries are in different hands from textbook to chicken scratch smile.gif

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    Guest Rick Research

    Good Lord! Cousin Richard Buchmann didn't dash THAT off freehand leaning against a school locker! That's HAND done, not a printed title.

    Show us more, slowpoke! tongue.gif Building "situational context" here. cool.gif

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    Hi Tom, is it a full cross, or only one frame and the core??

    It's a full Cross. Iron core, silver frame, silver ring. Stitched onto the book through the eye. I was surprised when it arrived that it belonged to a kid. It was my impression that EK's weren't available to non-Tragers. Maybe from his father or older brother?

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