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    Hello Everyone

    I have been away a while and now I am back with a few things to show.I have a late war soldbuch to a young man who joined the navy in August 1944.In early 1945 he was in the 19th u-flott and I also have him in the 9./2.U.L.D in early 1945.He was then drafted into the 4.(M.6)/Res.Gren.Batl.209 on the 31.1.1945 then the 8/Gr.Rgt.1062.If anyone can give me any info on the gren regiments that would be great.I also have a feldpost number that I do not know it is M 10643 I have it listed as the number for U225 as this was sunk in 1943 and the feldpost number is dated 30.1.1945 it must have been used again.I will put up some photos later.Any help given will be great...

    Many thanks Richard..

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    I used to have a group to a Navy officer, who served with the Luftwaffe as a long range observer... then transfered back to the navy, did U-Boot training but the war ended before he could serve on a U-boot.

    In 1957 he joined the Bundeswehr in a Panzer Brigade.

    So U-Boot, Panzer and recon flyer ... some guys get around ;-)

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    Thanks to Gordon,I should really have know that feldpost number! I have found out a little more about Gren rgt 1062,it was part of the 84th inf div and it was active around Kleve and Wesel during febuary and march 1945 (about 20 km from Nijmegen )..


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