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    Unknown to me Russian 1939 Badge

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    Hallo Gents :cheers:

    The Russian area of my collection is very small, I do have this piece which so far identificarion eludes me,

    its 41mm in diameter, made of metal, weighs 21 grams.

    I once showed it to a lady at work in Germany (a Russian-German) and she said it had a connection with Kasikstan??

    If I am in the wrong section please feel free to relocate it.

    Kevin in Deva :beer:

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    Badge reads - "AlmaAty Joint Technical School"

    Alma Aty being the Capital of Kazhakistan I believe :blush:

    That is from the russian text at the bottom of the badge. As for the top .... I suspect the same thing its written - perhaps in Kazakhi?

    Jim :cheers:

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    No clue on my end Kev! I can sort of follow the language.... but when I could not read the upper part I asked my other half .... who hinted its just the same but in Kazhaki!

    So not as much help as I'd hoped she'd be!

    I've never come across anything of the sort so far - but then again, I hardly look beyond military ODMs - I am so narrow minded :blush:

    Jim :cheers:

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