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    Just my thought..

    I think they're typical WW2, because each FL number represents a typical item in the FL list.

    So, for example : FL 30550 stands only for N&G goggles... FL 30154 for fighter swimmingvest etc.

    I can't imagine they used these numbers postwar or they had to make a complete new list with new items.., but I'm not aware of Bundeswehr stuff with FL numbers..,plus if they had them ALL bundeswehr Luftwaffe items should've such FL number,but I've never seen that..

    I've seen a Bundes Luftwaffe parachute from the 60's lately and it had a L-number instead of FL ..

    WW1,between the wars....,no,I think not ,because most FL stuff was invented or produced during WW2 IMO..,but I think we can find very early FL marked items, so I wouldn't know when exactly they started,maybe somewhere before 1936..

    There're also LN numbers,like found on throatmics of flightcaps....,meaning they are (signal) Luft Nachrichten items actually..

    Don't know about a complete list,but I've seen lists which covered most stuff...,I should've the link somewhere ,...but where ?!


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