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Document KVK 1st Class with swords

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My latest addition, A nice KM KVK pair. Rick do you have anything on a Max Redmer? i'd guess he was kicking around in WWI.

Signed by Werner Ehrhardt, later konteradmiral. Navigation officer onboard the Graf Spee for two years pre-war and Captain of the Prinz Eugen from March '43 to jan '44.

user posted image

and his KVK I, signed by Alfred Westerkamp, later Kapt.z.S

user posted image

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Max Redmer was born 28 January 1895, and originally served in the army August 1914-May 1915 before transferring to the navy as a career Engineering cadet.

II. Werft Division to June 1915, "Kaiser Wilhelm der Grosse" to November 1915, "Schwaben" to March 1916, "Posen" to September 1917, then Engineer and Deck Officer School for classes until August 1918, and "U. Abt." for some vague submarine (?) training to war's end.

Marine Ingenieur-Aspirant 1 August 1918

discharged 11 May 1919

charakterisiert Leutnant (Ing) aD 5 June 1920

He was not a member of the MOV or MOHeV, but in the 1938 directory of the Verband der Ingenieuroffiziere der Marine he was shown as KaptLtdR and residing at Schumannstrasse 20/21, Berlin NW 6.

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A Regierungsrat here could just as well be a military Beamter on the higher career path ("senior major") as a civilian bureaucrat with the exact same rank title. I'd expect since there ARE swords, that he was indeed a military official.

The scribble is that of Gustav "Kastner"-Kirdorf (1881-1945) who signed so many gazillions of Luftwaffe award documents that this sort of smeared scrawl is fairly typical.

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