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  1. "Approved wartime RK manufacturers: C E Juncker; Godet*; Zimmermann; Klein & Quenzer; Steinhauer & L?ck; Otto Schickle; Deschler & Sohn" That's all, folks. No amount of wishful thinking is going to change anything." Wilhelm Deumer offered the RK in their wartime awards catalog. I'm not saying that they manufactured them, but do we know that they didn't?
  2. I would be interested to know whether Gordon has revised his opinion of "Rounder" RKs based on the new evidence which has been gleaned by the recent testing.
  3. Okay, I thought it might be a Juncker. I just wasn't sure from the pics!
  4. Who is the manufacturer of the first example posted?
  5. Here's another one marked "Silber." The obverse looks very similar to yours.
  6. Two in six months? Rabbits can do better than that!
  7. I've not noticed that they've multiplied, but they certainly magically appear!
  8. Unless I'm weighing them, the EKs I have always have the ribbons on -- for display, photos, whatever.
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