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    Spent cartridge collector

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    I would like to show you all, a weapon related item from my collection. It's a spent cartridge collector, for the Mg 15, aircraft machinegun. It took me a long time before I found out what it was for. I was offered it, on a trade along other Luftwaffe items. I only took it because it had a weird looking shape, and that it was luftwaffe blue. I hope you like it. :jumping:


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    Can you post a close up of the nomenclatura?

    Do you have a wartime pic showing one?




    It was impossible for my camera to take a picture of the markings on this one, but they are as follows. Waffenamtnumber 217, and "dhv". This code belonged to the "Berliner Physikalische Werkstatten G.M.b.H." There is no "Fl." number. I believe that's it's not uncommon for some weapon related accessories to lack these numbers. I allso own a Luftwaffe dustcover. This cover allso lacks this number, but it has a waffenamt stamp. I have no wartime pictures of the spent cartridge collector. One identical, is depicted in "Uniforms and tradition", by John R. Angolia and Adolf Slicht. I believe it's vol. 3.


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