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Interesting bar--what is the medal under the solid yellow ribbon? Did not realize that there was a solid yellow ribbon other than the Centennial medal. Learn something new every day I guess. Like the Baden bars! Mike

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HORRORS!! and EGADS!! Hangin' around the twins has stained my immortal soul! Sponge Bob is now an evil one! What to do? What to do? What to do? angry.gif  tongue.gif  wink.gif  beer.gif

Dos Rickies suggest the answer lies on the reverse setup of the bar and they should know... wink.gif  Cat Scratch.gif  Cat Scratch.gif

Spange Bob? (Sorry, it was just so there...)

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...ahhhhhh, the degredation and humiliation one must endure to progress in this hobby is truly crushing... sad.gif  ohmy.gif  laugh.gif

It's all part of the hazing rituals standard to the initiation into any secret society. Just wait until they get to the part with the jello and the ping-pong balls...


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