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    I have seen sets of communist era rank stars in small red cases a couple of times. Today I picked up a cased set. The case measures 87mm (3 7/16") by 57mm (2 1/4"). It is made of wood and covered with a dark red imitation leather. The top displays the Kadar period State Crest. The interior is a red plush material on the bottom and a white satin type material on the top. I have no reference material for these stars and would appreciate comments on what is known about these cased rank stars. The obvious thing would be to say they were awarded to graduating officer cadets but I don't know for sure.



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    Hi Gordon - you got them! Very nice - this is a tradition for those who complete their higher education for the miliary. These particular stars are silver so they would be given out to an NCO when he completed his education at one of the NCO Accademies. If they had gold colored stars then they would have graduated from one of the officer schools. These would be presented before the August 20th event when these men and women would be sworn into the Honved. Today the tradition continues as my dear friend from the Border Guards gave me his set (six pointed stars) on the day he graduated as he said "I would cherish the boxed set more than he would". I do - sorry - but I cherished them so much that I put them in safe storage back in 2004....

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