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    LW Soldbuch, Some help with what it says?

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    Hey guys I would love to know what is written in this gents Soldbuch for my records so I could print it out and put it with my other documents. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Ive numbered the pics to make it easier for the translators to put what with what when they respond. TIA and all the best, Jon



















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    Guest Rick Research

    1) Hans Johann Fromm: book issued in 1941 while he was an Unteroffizier, showing promotions

    1.4.42 Wachtmeister

    1.5.44 Fahnenjunker Wachtmeister

    1.10.44 Oberf?hnrich (probably "War's Duration" but you've crtopped off the full entries)

    1.10.44 Leutnant (Kriegs Offizier) this would have been a retroactive seniority date

    2) Born 10 September 1915 in Malbergen Kreis Osnabr?ck, Catholic, by profession a Betriebsleiter and Prokurist (works leader and buyer)

    3) Attests his promotions at each unit. VERY scribbly. Same data shows later on those entry pages. Commissioned in Antiaircraft Searchtlight Battalion 529

    8) Awards shown as Sudeten Medal authorized on 1.10.39, and next (and only!) KVK2X on 30.1.45.

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    It goes to show that most long term vets did not even have a war badge!! Great book, Jon.

    It is interesting that the first entry in the book lists him as an unteroffizier, yet his photo has him as a Feldwebel.

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    Did you stick a Czech Annexation medal in there too? They are still reasonably priced and would look great!

    Lets see the photo of the grouping!


    I will take a pic of it when I get home from school :). I dont have one of those medals yet, right now with car insurance coming up Ive only been able to buy one special wedding photo. Im glad their resonably priced b/c that would be a nice easy grouping to put together! All the best, Jon

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