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    Prussian golden military verdienst cross...

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    Hello Chris:

    Unfortunately, the citations for the GMVK awards were never published.

    I'm sure that they existed at one point, but were probably destroyed during WWII (or else someone would have been circulating the information or have attempted to publish it by now). Of course you have Ophaus and Nickel as the sources for name, address, occupation, unit, and date of award information, but that is about it.

    The document is probably going to cost you a lot as it has been noticed by a lot of people by now. I noticed it too (you can find a copy of the Ophaus book offered by the same seller). Undoubtedly, this book came from the estate of the recipient. Where is the GMVK?

    Note that I believe that it is a bad idea to talk on this forum about things that have not yet sold (on Ebay or elsewhere) as it makes it harder for everyone to get them at a good price. It is great for the seller, but bad for the buyers. You may have just contributed to making the document less affordable for yourself! (sorry for the lecture!)

    But, since you asked the question, I thought that I would respond.

    Good luck bidding. I hope that you get it! Chris I will not be bidding on this item (against you).

    Best regards,


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