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    I'm doing a research about a Blutorden awarded to an SS Officer.

    The name is Reinhold Baumgartner, born on Dec. 16th, 1897 (in Saalfeld/Saale, Th?ringen), NSDAP membership number 289.772 and SS nr. 1.522.911. He received the SS Ring and was awarded with the Blutorden on Oct. 21st, 1939.

    Would it be possible to know the award number of his Blutorden?

    Many thanks in advance and best wishes,


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    Guest Rick Research

    After the original 1,500 awarded in 1934 for actual 1923 Beer Hall Putsch recipients, the ONLY numbers I've ever seen have been noted from when individual award certificates have showed up. There is no complete list after the 1934 ones. 21.10.39 was a very large group of awards,and numbered certificates I have seen for that date range from 23XX to 25XX-- but I have never seen his. :(

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    Thank you for the information . It is good they didn't put low numbers on these and leave the L58 off LOL I guess the detail is slightly off too unless they call it wear as I saw on one website LOL Cheers Take care.

    The serifs on the M of M?nchen are an immediate giveaway in the case of Souval BO. Side by side with genuine examples, the strike details are more than "slightly off". However, these Souval copies caught a lot of people out, like a lot of other postwar Souval stuff. I have one from a box of largely genuine medals and badges I bought about twenty years ago with a number in the 7000's. Quite a few people have tried to buy it from me for what it is, indicating that they are indeed collectables in their own right.


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    Guest Rick Research

    That's what happens when pix are posted via some remote image hosting site that has gone "poof" rather than posted HERE...

    whole threads rendered worthless. :banger:

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