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    Are there any pics-info regarding current orders and decorations of the People's Republic of China out there?

    Try the OMSA database.

    there is a book too-but it is in Chinese.

    translation efforts are slowly underway.

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    I have a fair few modern chinese orders. The ones such as the 'Hero 2nd class order/medal '& 'Military Merit/Exploit 2nd class' are stunning & use real 24c/9c gold plating respectivly & come in very well made boxes, wich are fit for a king! Wood, leather & velvet. The 3rd class merit/exploit is a painted aluminium medal with a plastic case!!!! Unless this one is for enlisted men & my other 2 are for officers. Somtimes officers get the best quality.

    I will put up pictures when i work out how to use the scanning machine at my library!!!

    Toodle pippingtons


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