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Given the sheer amount of badges available, I would recommend that if the website can bear the load, seperate headings be given to individual groups... HJ badges has it's own database, then SA/SS then NSKOV then NSDAP etc etc etc.

I have collected these things what seems like my whole life and would love to scan through what's posted here, but like the "Great tinnie War" thread on WAF, :rolleyes: 5 squillion pages, no thanks. A nice thread of just HJ tinnies on the other hand.. bring it on.

I know, I know... why don't I do it etc, I can certainly say I will contribute.


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I certainly agree with you on this one. There are some fantastic tinnies buried among the pages of this topic. I have some ideas how to do this but it does need some assistance and agreement from members. I would like to split the tinnie thread into categories as suggested, not too many but enough to thin things out a bit. I would also like to upload all the photos into the very much underestimated tinnie database which gives a pictorial reference for the tinnies enabling you to browse lots of pictures at one time. If there is a general consensus of agreement from members allowing me to move their pictures I will undertake this laborious task myself.

I am disappointed with the response to the database as so far only Claymore has been good enough to double post pics in the main thread and pics in the database. I am working on updating the software to allow you to post a picture in the database at the same time you post it into a topic thread to make life easier. At the end of the day we could achieve over a few years of contribution a colour online reference which could equal the Tieste books if not surpass them !!!

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One thing that I have learned (OUCH!) with the 300 or so scans I've posted so far in German Ribbon Bars is that when doing two scans they had better have exactly--and I mean e-x-a-c-t-l-y the same titles and be numbered 01 and 02 or else they end up alllllllll over the place self-sorted alphabetically.

Before anyone/everyone embarks upon a zillion tinnies postings, for that reason might I suggest naming each scan EXACTLY what the tinnie SAYS on itself--

"SA Treffen Hinkendorf 07.VI.36 01" and ""SA Treffen Hinkendorf 07.VI.36 o2" (<---- SEE? Those are NOT identical and will self-alphabetize differently :speechless1: ) for fronts and backs. Then the SECOND person with a Hinkendorf Treffen variant tinnie can number that one the same only 03 and 04, and the THIRD person with one can do the same with numbers 05 and 06. And by being able to FIND the Hinkendorf Treffen tinnie, 342 DUPLICATES of exactly the same one won't get posted. (Unlike the Ark, ONE of each seems like a good idea, eh?) :catjava:

At present

(Everybody: MORE WORK FOR NICK, MORE WORK FOR NICK) there does not seem to be any way to SEARCH for anything specific in the database the way there is out here, but by alphabetizing by the tinnie inscription, you can flip ahead to the "W..." page for WHW Sammlung items rather than paging though hundreds of potential pages looking for one item that YOU call That Aluminum Party Dingus but somebody ELSE calls The Gelsenkirchen Parade Tinnie.

Sort out a standard everyone-uses-the-same titling system BEFOREHAND or it'll be a nightmare en masse. :beer:

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Would it not be easier just to split the tinnie & membership badge forum into two, thus enabling you to have threads dedicated to just H.J. or S.A. tinnies etc as I am already doing with the membership badges? It would be easier than expecting people to post in both places or to move their posts.



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I am not sure the tinnie posts would generate enough interest to warrant their own forum.

The whole point of the database is to have a visual reference resource which is easily searchable. The trouble with the forum is that although it is an excellent discussion resource you can't search it solely for pictures and sometimes with tiniies and some membership badges thats all you have got to go on.

I am working on a fix which will enable you to post any uploaded picture to the forum and database at the same time.

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Once this is finished it will be a monumental display! I can't wait to see it expand and hopefully we can create a very thorough database. And Nick, please feel free to use any of my pics of tinnies and stickpins for it if you need to (I'm still in computer limbo so I can't post any more pics as of yet). Once again, this and the other picture databases are an awesome idea and keep it up!



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