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    What Farkas Could Have Gotten

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    How did Farkas lose that?

    How do i get one (with documents)? :Cat-Scratch:

    You cant....

    Well - to let the cat out of the bag... 48 hours ago I learned of an auction that i had never heard of or been to. But a kind fourm member showed me and I was shocked by what was being offered. (thanks Zsolt & Sohn) There were some pretty rare items being offered from WW2 and items of the HUPR. I would say a good portion of the HUPR items were overstock / unissued pieces that were sold by the Hungarian Mint back in the early 1990's and resided in a collection (s?) until yesterday when they went up for auction. Items like the rare WW3 medals, prototypes of labor medals from 1949, etc... offered in the lot was an 'extra' musuem piece or for the WW3 medal sets of the Hero of the HUPR. But that one went way above what I could ever afford... this is not one. But its made just like the ones issued to Farkas, however the ribbon is of the Hero of Socialist Labor and in the center of the star is the HUPR coat of arms. The final version issued has the coat of arms on the ribbon and the ribbon has the 'military' alternating colroed triangels.

    In this auction the order was listed as a 'prototype' that was to be issued for the joint Soviet space flight. SO - its what Farkas might have gotten, but it didnt make the cut on approved designs. At least thats what the catalogue states and probably what the original owner was told when he / she bought it. Perhaps another explination is that it may also have been a prototype for a new Hero of Socialist Labor as the ribbon is the same as that type of order. Eitehr way - there is what - perhaps this one or maybe two ever made? Though its market value and 'sellability' may be extremely low - for me its an interesting and rare piece of history - now - if I can get into the archives to find the proposed design.... :rolleyes:

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