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    Thank you for sharing your boards!! They are great! The Veterinary Dept is medical related, so they are ok here! :cheers:

    Here is an oddity... Veterinary tabs with an Orange-Red waffenfarbe instead of the traditional Carmine Pink

    According to "Uniforms and Traditions of the German Army" Volume 1, by Angolia

    On page 360, it is stated that Supplimental (whatever that means) Medical and Veterinary Officers were assigned an Orange/Red waffenfarbe IAW HM 36, No 239 dated 01Apr1936. This color different than the bright red used by Arty.

    This is the only set I have ever seen. I would love to find a medical set like this(same waffenfarbe). I am afraid that any that were around might have been tossed out, by collectors thinking that they were messed with insignia.

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    Thanks for sharing your uniform items. I had forgotten about the Veterinary overcoat!

    Is the tunic an M40 or M43?


    The tunic is a M42. It has a later type, NCO/Officer silver wire bevo eagle hand sewn to the chest also it has the bone white tress, matching boards and collar. Normally you find this type of tress on SS tunics, rare on Heer tunic. I have included a full front shot.



    P.S. I have addeda few photos to your threads on LW medical and Admin.

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    That is one great tunic!!!! :jumping: Thank you for sharing it! With the cyphers on the shoulder, it is indicated that he is a lower level of Officer candidate. I will find the regulation and post it.

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    Hi Paul,

    Thans for the info on the straps. I din't know that. I guess I could put an medical officers hat on him?


    I dont know abou that... as the Candidate progressed, certain pieces of insignia would be changed over. I think that the first thing was the cypher on the boards, next would be the collar tabs, and etc. I do not know what stage the visor would be upgraded to that of an Officer.

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    • 2 months later...

    Well, I am about to contradict my initial post. They do get better than that first board. My latest Heer medical score is this set of

    MEDICAL RESERVE RETIREE boards and tab

    I have never before seen a retiree board in all of my time collecting!!!

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