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    PAKISTAN -- Star and Medal of Eissar

    Antonio Prieto

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    A new medal

    Star and Medal of Eissar (Pakistan)


    A gilt medal of 46 millimeters of diameter.

    The obverse takes crescent and five pointed star in the center -as the national flag- among those that a landscape appears.

    The growing one takes recorded the inscription IN THE SERVICE OF HUMANITY.

    The reverse is plain and it takes in relief the inscriptions EARTKQUAKE. 8 OCTOBER, 2005 in the center and PAKISTAN and FROM TO GRATEFUL NATION around.

    Also have a horizontal bar with inscription in Arabic.

    The ribbon is dark green with sky blue and white edges

    Imposed in their two categories Sitara-i-Eissar and Tamgha-i-Eissar to eight civilians and six military Spaniards of the 400 that participated in the operation of emergency help after the earthquake of October of 2005, 8 in recognition sign and gratefulness for this works.

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    Interesting. The almost total lack of Urdu and over-use of English suggests this largely intended for "foreign friends". It may also explain a new ribbon that Pres.-Gen. M. is shown wearing in recent photos, with what seems to be a MiD leaf.

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    Thank you

    Any idea for the translation of the arabic inscription on the bar?

    Urdu, not Arabic. "Tamgha-i-Eissar" or "Medal of Eissar". Now . . . just what does "Eissar" mean? I hate misplacing vocabulary and I'm (thousands of miles away from my dictionaries -- and the chap on the desk at the university guesthouse doesn't know Arabised Pakistani neo-Urdu).

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    Thank you again

    Sorry for my poor idea of this languages

    I waiting for the images of the other class (star) awarded to a spanish geneal

    No problem, Antonio. Frankly, I might have trouble telling Spanish from Portugese. :cheers:

    Look forward to seeing the star. If I had a scanner, I'd put up the latest photo of Musharraf.

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    Close-up of his ribbons.

    The bottom right ribbon on Musharraf's uniform is a foreign decoration.

    The Star awarded to the Spanish general is the Sitara-e-Eissar. The Eissar medals were awarded to Pakistani and foreign nationals who participated in the Earthquake relief efforts in Northern Pakistan. Eissar, I think, means good deeds done in service of humanity.

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