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    DDR Polizei uniforms after 2 Oct, 1990

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    Following the reunification of Germany midnight on Oct 2, 1990 there were insufficient West German police uniforms to outfit the ex DDR police who were absorbed into the West German police forces. Until West German ploice uniforms became available DDR army rain pattern camo uniforms were often used instead. These uniforms were worn for only about a six month period. To distiguish them from DDR army uniforms they had "POLIZEI" across the back of the jacket in large white letters. Any rank or police force patches worn would have conformed to the police force the ex DDR policemperson worked for. Here are two pictures of one of these uniform I have just added to my collection. It bears the rank and shoulder patch of the Berlin Police. I have seen a few of these uniforms for sale in the past but always with the word POLIZEI almost completely washed out and with rank or police patches. I was always somewhat skeptical of these washedout looking uniforms. This one comes from a trusted source and I believe it to be authentic.



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