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    There seems to many variations to these badges and I know that they are highly faked.

    I am trying to learn what type of pin set ups are the known originals and what type are the known fakes.

    I have a couple of pics with what looks like the same badge but with differnt pin set ups and would appreciate any feed back regarding which set up is a known original.

    From what I have seen many originals appear to have the double wire pin like the Weitze example shown.

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    Guest Rick Research

    I've seen both types of pin and am not aware of any fakes.

    These are quite common and until very recently weren't worth much-- not that that ever affects what does and doesn' get faked.

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    Hallo Gentlemen,

    Must say I have to agree with Rick on these, I have seen both pin types, and slight variations in the

    returning defeated soldier motiff, which I put down to Maker variation rather than any attempt at faking.

    These were not officialy issued but, had to be purchased by the returned veterans from a veterans association.

    :beer: Kevin in Deva.

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    Mine came boxed (just like the previous example), and has the double wire pin. Unfortunately, I don't have the miniature, but do have the documents (sorry to take this off-topic, but thought you might like to see them):

    First, the letter from Gen-Maj Puder:

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    Next, the advertisement showing--as Kevin pointed out--the nominal cost of DM 6,75, marked by the checkmark in the lower right margin: :speechless1:

    (sorry for the small size--I couldn't scale it larger to fit here)

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    Hallo Pete, :beer:

    thanks for posting the link to this site, more repros to be added to the Repro / Fake folder.

    In my opinion the German Field Honour Cross he has is a poor cast copy of the original, the soldier not being to well defined and to the rear the Maker info looks like a poor attempt at a copy, and the pin seems to be bent out of shape, but, probably good enough to fool a novice though! :angry:

    Kevin in Deva :beer:

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