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    I know this guy who owns Korvettenkapitan Klaus Feldt's Knight's Cross. He was an Oakleaves recipient in E-Boats and was one of about 8 awarded the E-Boat Badge in Diamonds. This is a photo of Feldt and his Knight's Cross as seen on www.ww2awards.com.


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    did you know that Feldt is still alive one of the few RK winners to be still with us. Just received a very nice package from him 2 days ago in fact....... quite a gentleman

    I also own a copy of the foto you have on the left

    Erich ~

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    sounds like the PK foto I have of him with Raeder and B?tow placing the Ritterkreuz around his neck. Klaus signed the front and back for me in Silver pencil. Klaus is wearing his earlier Minenabzeichen and Zerst?rerabzeichen badges besdies EK I and his Spainish Cross.

    Great pic

    E ~ I'll try and place here and complete the set of fotos and text from him besides put up a M?tzenband of the 2. Schnellbootflottille that I own and it's Begleitschiff.

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    Another example of KM camo. This is one of the cruise ships ( either Robert Ley or Wilhelm Gustloff) at the tail end of the war.

    Hello Gordon Williamson,

    have you more photos from this ship (Robert Ley or Wilhelm Gustloff) ?

    Best regards

    Methusalem (Germany)

    Sorry, my english is very bad

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