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    Japanese Booni hats

    Paul R

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    I have this unmarked Japanese boonie hat, that came with a complete uniform. I do know that these are very rare and collectible. My question is, what the going rate for these are? I have not seen one for sale so I have no idea of the monetary value.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    Kind regards


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    New member here & my first post. The style boonie cap you have was worn by army nurses as well as females working under army supervision. Difficult to prove who wore these but they are not rare. The model boonie that's rare & expensive is the navy/NLF marked examples. They have sewn in white interior labels. I only know of a few examples.

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    Hi Paul

    I have looked at about 50 pictures of Japanese military headwear but failed to spot the booni hat. So, short of looking at wartime photos in a couple of hundred books, I'm stumped. However, and I'm not diminishing the value or beauty of the piece, but it really reminds me of what the nurses wear in the television show M*A*S*H! Surely the Japanese would not have contracted to supply the Americans with headwear in the Korean War. Anyway, it's in the back of my mind now and if and when I spot one, I'll let you know. Thanks for adding to our knowledge and keep it surrounded with moth balls.

    Keep well


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    Hi Paul, I have to agree with Satsuma. I don't think it is Japanese, many times what collectors see in pictures are not boonie hat's but crushed pith helmets. At any rate, if it were Japanese it should either have a square ink stamp with the date, maker, and possibly a name if it was army. Or one or two square white labels sewn in for Navy. This is a "safe" generalization or guideline for Japanese cloth and cloth headgear. Take care and glad to see your doing well, feel free to PM me on your Japanese finds, this was my first love before I got poor and went to Iraqi stuff. Scott.

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