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    We have seen in earlier threads some fine examples of original caps and many will know that a favourite trick of fakers is to convert postwar Bundesmarine caps back to Kriegsmarine sometimes by simply re-badging or by completely re-working. Early Bundesmarine caps may not have huge values but are quite collectible in their own right so its sad to see them being butchered to turn into fake KM caps.

    Here are some early BM caps, inlcuding some points you definitely don't want to see in originalKM caps.

    Firstly a nice early blue top NCO cap. Note the near perfect shape when compared to wartime. Still featuring the floppy brim, wide peak bidning etc.

    Externally, the give aways, apart from the plastic chinstrap, are the plastic material used for peak binding, and the distinct horizontal ribbed pattern on the non-removable black band.l

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    The leather sweatband is attached to the body of the cap via a plastic strip. The cap band stiffener is shiny card, not the opaque celluoid or impregnated waterproofed buckram material used on originals.

    This cap probably survived because although of perfect shape and many of the "wrong" features could have been reworked, the non removable outer black band of the wrong pattern was probably too much effort

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    A Leutnant white top. Very nice example in good quality by Alkero (Albert Kempf) this piece has a plastic chinstrap ( which could obviously be very easily replaced with a leather one) and has leather binding to the peak, so not all BM caps have plastic here.

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