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    Hello Mark -

    I don't have my Waffen SS autographed photo's framed up such as your enjoyable to look at collection is, but I do have a few. Here's but some of my own individuals of whom I have made contact with over the years. As with all my autographed photographs, I store them in acid free paper folders, under light and moisture controlled conditions.

    Rudi von Ribbentropp, I SS PD LAH, son of Joachim von Ribbentropp.

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    Guest Darrell

    A little more updated portrait of Herr Schrijnen and his wife. I believe this shot was sent to me about three or four years ago in one of his Christmas cards.

    Is he wearing his Swastika awarded RK? Or a 1957 version in the picture?

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    I've around 80 SS Ritterkreuztr?ger postwar signed pictures. They look like your ones Mark.


    BACHMANN erwin

    BARKMANN ernst

    BASTIAN heinrich

    BAUM otto

    BEHLER klemens

    BESSLEIN georg

    BLOND friedrich

    BUCK friedrich

    DAMSCH werner

    DARGES fritz

    DIEFENTHAL josef

    EGGER paul

    EICHHORN hugo

    ERTEL karl-heinz

    EULING karl-heinz

    FEY willy

    FICK jakob

    FREY albert

    G?HLER johannes

    GOTTKE heinrich

    GRESIAK horst

    GROHMANN franz

    HACK franz

    HARMEL heinz

    HAUSER hans

    HEDER eberhard

    HEIN willy

    HENKE friedrich

    HEUBECK konrad

    HOFER lothar

    HOFFMANN ludwig

    HUND willy


    J?RGENS heinz

    KAM s?ren

    KARCK hans

    KAUSCH paul-albert

    KRAG ernst-august

    KREUTZ karl

    KROMBHOLZ frantz

    KUMM otto

    LAINER sepp

    LEROY jacques

    LICHTE karl-heinz

    LIPINSKI hans

    LOHMANN hanns-heinrich

    LOMBARD gustav

    MACHER heinz

    MARINGGELE hermann

    MEYER werner


    REBER gustav-peter

    REDER walter


    von RIBBENTROP rudolf

    RIEDEL franz

    RIEFLIN fritz

    RUDOLF richard

    SAILER johann

    SANDIG rudolf

    SATTLER karl

    SCH?FER oskar

    SCHERG hans

    SCHMIDT walter

    SCHNAUBELT alois


    SCHOLZ helmut

    SCHRIJNEN remy

    SEEBACH walter

    SENGHAS paul

    SIEGEL hans

    SONNE heinrich

    SPRINGER heinrich

    STADLER sylvester

    STENWEDEL albert

    TRAUPE hans

    ULLRICH karl

    WANH?FFER g?nter

    WEIDINGER otto

    WISCH theodor

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    Remy Schrijnen lives very close to me and he has a reputation for wearing his original cross, whatever the consequences.

    I wonder if that has anything to do with his wife looking so miserable in the picture? just kidding.


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