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    Schutztruppe: Graf Georg and Graf Felix Stillfried zu Rattowitz

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    In the Franke diaries the Hauptmann with the sharp tongue tells about a Graf Stillfried and his cousin. One is described as a "pussy" (Schlappschwanz) whose wife is having an affair with the adjutant (Bauszus). And the poor Count Stillfried is a shirker who stays in the lazarett even though the doctors think he is simulating. His cousin is described as the "tough count" ("der z?he Graf") and fares better in Franke's eyes. One is named ""Felix" and the other could be named "Georg".

    Now the big question: Which one is the "tough count" and which one is the "pussy"?

    "Felix" is named once but unfortunately without any epithet. So it could be either the tough or the limp-wristed count. I think Felix was made Hauptmann later and stayed in SWA for some time.

    "Georg" wrote a report to his Majesty the emperor on the circumstances in GSWA. The oral order by His Majesty to write the report was given on 10.11.04 and Georg signs with "Oberleutnant der Schutztruppe". So he must have returned in November or earlier. The report is highly critical of governeror Leutwein's policy, it borders on slander.

    The shirker was in hospital on 2.5.04 at the latest, that's the day when Leutwein made a remark in this direction towards Franke who promptly keeps it in his diary. (It's more or less: "The governor said jokingly "No one will think you are shirking if you ask for a leave - unlike Stillfried I am afraid."

    If the shirker is "Georg" it might well be that his report is based on a personal vendetta with the governor. But I am not sure about that. Has anybody the ressources to solve that problem

    Thanks a lot for every effort :)

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    The DOA 1908/09 lists your Georg (born 17.7.1870 in Neiße) as Hauptmann in der Schutztruppe für DSWA, Windhuk. He has a DSWA medal, PrKO4X and PrZM. This is NOT the Georg Graf Stillfried und Rattonitz whose ribbon bar was stolen from one of our members (Look here).

    There is also a Felix Graf Stillfried und Rattonitz, born Neiße 18.8.1871, who is - strangely - Oberleutnant aD, no DSWA medal but a PrKO4X which probably has been earned overseas. Might be your wimp who left the army after that.

    There is another one, Waldemar, born Neiße 8.4.1877, PrKO4X and PrZM, who is Oberlt in GGrenReg 3.

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    Thanks a lot.

    Ironically I think the wimp is Georg and Felix is the "good guy".

    Felix later still has cordial contact with Franke. Some excerpts from the Franke diaries:

    In April 1906 he notes that Oberstleutnant von Muehlenfels (umlaut) has intrigued against the decoration of Count Stillfried "the reason is peculiar to say the least!" I guess Franke wouldn't say so if Muehlenfels had intrigued against the wimp rather the "tough count". Could this be the missing DSWA medal? But it might as well be a higher decoration for Georg so this doesn't prove anything.

    May 1906

    ?[im Lokal]sitzt Gr?fin Stillfried mit ihrem Gatten, dem vorsichtigen, mit dem schwarzwei?en Band geschm?ckten Grafen. [?] Und der Mann? Ein Jammerlappen in unserer Offiziersuniform."

    Unfortunately both have the PrKO4X. So this doesn't really help. At least the wimp is still in DSWA in 1906.

    November 1907

    ??der Herr Adjutant ist der erste Liebhaber und die freigewordene Kompanie kann der gr?fliche Schlappschwanz nicht f?hren ?.?

    So as Georg was still in Windhuk by 1907 according to Franke - and still in Windhuk according to the DOA 08/09 I think Georg is the cuckold wimp.

    Does this compute with your records? Anyway this makes me want to learn more about the wimp ;)

    Again, thanks a lot, that has been a great help.

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    The Stillfried puzzle

    Count (Graf) von Stillfried and Rattonitz:

    Georg ? Oberleutnant 1898 and Hauptmann 1905. He staid in GSWA 1900 ? 1909 and returned to IR 75. KrO4x in 1905. He was on sick leave for six month in Germany,1905. He was married. His wife arrived in GSWA 1901.

    Waldemar ? Leutnant 1897 and Oberleutnant 1907. He staid in Cameroon 1901-1903 returned to Garde-Grenadier-Regiment No 3 and went back to GSWA 1904-1905. Afterwards he went back to GGrenR 3. KrO4x in 1903.

    Felix ? Leutnant 1892 and Oberleutnant 1901. He staid in GSWA 1898-1902 and 1904-1905. He retired 1905 and did not receive the KrO4x.


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    Thx a lot. In the mean time I've been to Freiburg and been browsing thorugh the files of Lettow-Vorbeck who was in the staff at that time. He also mentions these three Stillfrieds and the data is congruent with yours. Interestingly enough Stillfried is first leader of the first company, first platoon and later is relegated to the rear echelon. Afterwards ( I think in August)he is permitted to leave for Germany for six months (later extended) and returns in 1905. It looks very much like the "coward". Lettow-Vorbeck keeps a meticulous book as he also shows the home regiment and the date of patent issue. What do abbreviations like O.4.o or Gg mean when they are written next to the date of patent?

    Now I'd be even more grateful to know about your methods of research as I cannot go to Freiburg everytime I have a question nagging at the back of my mind. Do you use the DKB? I am about to buy some tomes but they cost 70? apiece ...

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    I use the DKB and other sources. Because a lot of informations are missing in the DKB. It is not complet and sometimes just a fragment. For example Georg von Stillfried and Rattonitz:

    In the 1905 edition you can read that he is promoted to Hauptmann and posted to the 2. Feldregiment the same day. Next entry is telling you that his health recovery stay Germany is prolonged for two month untill 24. October 1905. Nothing else. In the 1906 edition you find his name only one time, he returns to GSWA 19. April 1906. So you do not know what has happened in the meantime.


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