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    White Tunic from the Air Defence Division Veszprem

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    Had some luck today and picked up what I feel is a rare tunic. Last week I was given the address of a militaria store that I did not know about and I paid it a visit on Friday. There were mostly post 1965 tunics and they were too pricey to buy. I saw, for the first time, a white wool tunic hanging on a rack. I wasn't sure exactly what it was and since I couldn't find a price on it so I left it there. I decided to go back today and take some pictures so I could identify it. After looking at it for a few minutes I discovered a price tag which was quite reasonable so instead of taking pictures I bought it and rushed home to look it up in my reference books. So here is what I bought.

    It is a white wool tunic which conforms to the 1987 uniform regulations. White tunics aren't mentioned or pictured in the regulations as they were an optional private purchase piece. They were apparently very expensive and few were bought. This has a few things missing but nothing that isn't readily available here in Budapest. It needs one new button for the front, a gold MH for the left collar, two silver stars for each shoulder board (you can clearly see the imprint of the stars in the picture I will attach) and a gold cord for the right shoulder. When I get it cleaned up and completed I'll post pictures of it again. I am particularly please with the Air Defence Division crest on the left arm.

    In 1988, a period of time in which this tunic would have been worn, the Hungarian air force was composed of one air division and one air defence division, both headquartered at Veszprem. The Air Defence system was compsed of one division with three SAM regiments. These SAM regiments consisted of some 20 different sites and 120 SA-2/3 missiles. I don't know if the individual regiments had their own crest or if they all wore the air division crest.



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