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    Didn't know where else to post and this looked like the forum. This picture frame contains the picture of Boelcke who was the commander of the Red Baron (or so I was told).

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    This frame is not only a tribute to one of the top aces of WW1, Oswald Boelcke but is also a remembrance of service in one of the earliest squadrons formed by the Luftwaffe.

    Kampfgeschwader 154 "Boelcke" was formed on the 1.4.36 in Hannover.

    I. Gruppe, originally designated ?Fliegergruppe Fassberg? was formed on the 1.5.34, and transferred to KG 154 "Boelcke" on the 1.4.36.

    The dates on the frame show that the owner was a member of ?Fliegergruppe Fassberg? from the unit?s inception, the transfer to KG 154 "Boelcke" and for some months after.

    KG 154 "Boelcke" went on to be become KG 157 "Boelcke" (redesignation: 1.4.37) and on the1.5.39 was finally designated KG 27 "Boelcke"

    KG 27 "Boelcke" was disbanded 8.4.45.

    So what you have is a very nice piece of military aviation history.

    I take it that there are no clues, on either frame or photo, as to the owner?s identity?

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    Hi John,

    Thanks for the information, outstanding actually. No there is no clue, but then I haven't removed the backing off of the picture frame to see if there is anything on the back of the picture. I bought this when I was posted in Berlin two years ago.

    Thanks again


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