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What can you expect from a Beampte, he pocketed it all....

One of the nice things about private sellers, they keep things together, whereas a dealer would probably have tossed some of it.

he served in the bavarian 11. I.R. but at the outbreak of the war he was transfered to the staff of the 12th Brigade as a bicycle despatch rider and scribe.

They fought in the Alsace and at St mihiel, the brigade taken the camp de romaine.

Here is his prewar order to serve at the Brigade staff....

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The Brigade proposed 2 men for the milit?rverdienst orden really early, Weiss was approved, the other not. on the other side of the paper there is the stamp from the Division when it was sent there and one from the brigade when it was returned. The approval was signed by von Kirschbaum...

Weiss managed to pocket the paper... advantage of being a clerk....

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Interesting to note above, the doc was for the 11. Bay.I.R. but altered to the 12 brigade. Brigades had little own personnel so an own award doc was not really justified. Of about 375 EK docs i have, this is the only one I have awarded at Brigade level.

He was wounded in march 1915, and served in alsace, on the somme, some really heavy stuff at verdun etc. etc. at this time scribe at the brigade staff. The last couple of years he was on the staff of the 16th bavarian division, in charge of the office staff. he has a number of excellent letters of recommendation as a very good, calm, worker under high pressure, initiative etc. etc...

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