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General der Flieger Joachim Coeler

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Hi Y'all

about 15 years ago I bought this grouping from Joachim Coeler. The grouping isn't at all complete. There are many docs of all kind (promotion patents, award docs of both WW's) missing. Years ago Detlev N. sold the knight cross and the promotion doc (folder) to 'General der Luftwaffe' from Coeler. Maybe there are some collectors here in this forum who has also parts of this grouping and post them here

looking forward to see many of these missing docs

cordial greetings


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which is only one reason why those funny numbers and letters after rank dates are important. :catjava:

Aside from being offered for sale with no name by Manion's (No Readee Germanee :banger: ), this seems to have strayed from the HUGE bunch of documents including his Generalleutnant commission and other awards which I remember being sold individually :speechless: by catalog by George Petersen in Virginia, circa 1977-1978.

Coeler is perhaps most memorable for having been a major bomber commander during the Battle of Britain.

I have never seen or heard of the other documents after they were offered for sale 30 years ago. I've encountered other once upon a time groups from other sellers at other times, only to find commissions split from award documents and then gradually frittered away-- dispersed to the winds.

So I'm glad to see SOME of the general's paperwork is back together again. :cheers:

My lone piece isn't going anywhere, but it will NEVER disappear into The Void. When it ever DOES leave my house, it will go "home" to the other papers!

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Hello. First post on GMIC. I have Coeler's Soldbuch as well as his fleigerbluse. I've been trying to figure out how to post pics of the Solduch for some time now, but to call me a computer person would be a gross overstatement. The pics are saved on my computer, which alone was no small task for me to accomplish. I just can't figure out how to get the pics from my computer to attach to this posting. If anyone wants pics of Coeler's Soldbuch bad enough to spend time banging their head against the wall (i.e., trying to walk me through how to get it done), I'll try to do my best.

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When you post, before hitting "add reply" at bottom, go down to "Browse" and click that.

This brings up the menu of places where you might have the scan you want-- on your hard drive, on a floppy disk, or wherever. Click on the one where you have your scan stored. That will bring up all the scans there by name. Click on the scan that you want.

Its name will appear in the bar to the left of "Browse." Now you hit "Upload" and it will put the scan in the reply.

That is all you HAVE to do. The "manage attachment" box allows you to position a scan inside the middle of text, but worry about that sort of fanciness for some other time. (This is how I put the scan in the middle of this text above-- otherwise it just automatically goes down at the bottom under all reply text. No big deal. I've done it twice here--once each way--just so you can see how it looks either way.)

Because you are a new member, the size limit on scans you will be ABLE to post is limited. See down at bottom right? That is my limit per reply-- 150-- as an ancient and prolific poster. Yours may say something like 50 or 60 KB. You can put your mouse on your scan before going through any of this and it will tell you how many KB it is. It won't work if your scan is bigger than the limit you currently have.

Welcome to the "Coeler Club!" :cheers:

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Thank you for taking the time to expain. I know it will work, but the 4 pics I have on my computer are being rejected as "Upload failed. The file was larger than available space". Perhaps I just need to try to take new pics. I can do that, but it might take me a few days to lay my hands on the camera.

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