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  1. Does anyone have a picture of this General? Here are his promotions and decorations: 2. Mai 1848 Portepee-Fähnrich 30. Mai 1848 Sekondeleutnant 6. November 1858 Premierleutnant 13. Oktober 1859 Hauptmann mit Patent vom 20. September 1859 1. Mai 1870 Major 18. Januar 1875 Oberstleutnant 18. April 1878 Oberst 15. April 1884 Generalmajor 4. August 1888 Generalleutnant ............................................................................................. Kriegsdenkmünze für den Feldzug 1848/1849 Roter Adlerorden, IV. Klasse mit Sch
  2. "Sportkranz des Ringes der nationalen Kraftfahrt- und Luftfahrtbewegung (RKL) in Gold" ... Hühnlein and Göring also wore this badge.
  3. Does anyone know when Karl Eduard Herzog von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha received the Schwarzer Adlerorden and surely the Roter Adlerorden (Großkreuz)? I found him in the Rangliste 1905 with some decorations, but after that all I found was his name. Can anyone help? Thanks!
  4. 99 were awarded, but only Carl Eduard Herzog von Sachsen-Coburg und Gotha and Fritz von Selle received the Kriegskreuz with Brillanten? Very rare indeed!
  5. Thanks, I got that! 😄 The last one: Militärverdienstkreuz (Österreich) with Kriegsdekoration, do you know which class?
  6. CRBeery, are you sure? He was made Generalmajor 1921, therefore without a star or a crown. 1939 Generalleutnant, one star, but definitely not a crown. You seem to have a General der Infanterie of the Preußische Armee, I am sure some of our experts can even identify the regiment. Or maybe, taking a second look (the Gold is missing), those are from a Oberst of the 6. Thüringisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 95 (the symbol would fit)? Like I said, I am no expert. My mistake ... here is what the boards for a General der Infanterie look like:
  7. Thank you, Gentlemen! This list should now be complete ... I must say, for a "normal" Major of the infantry this list is very rich, I haven't seen this very often (do you agree?): Zentenarmedaille, 1897 Hausorden vom Weißen Falken, Ritterkreuz II. Klasse, 1901 (GSF3b) Badische Regierungs-Jubiläums-Medaille von 1902 (BRJM) Orden vom Zähringer Löwen, Ritterkreuz II. Klasse mit Eichenlaub ... Ritterkreuz II. Klasse (BZ3b) ... Eichenlaub zur II. Klasse (BZ3bmE), 1906 Schwertorden, Ritterkreuz II. Klasse (SS4b) am 29. August 1903 ... später nach Neuklassifizi
  8. Does anyone have the promotion dates for Fritz von Selle, who received the character of Generalleutnant on 27 August 1939 (Tannenbergtag)? Thanks! Great closeup, thank you. Do you have a complete list of his decorations?
  9. Did you ever find out more about Konteradmiral Andreas Fischer? I would be really interested! Thanks ...
  10. You are a master at this, thank you!!! Would you please help me out with "AK"? Maybe Friedrich-Kreuz?
  11. Great, thank you, Glenn! Thanks to Glenn, here the new and improved list of decorations: Zentenarmedaille, 1897 Preußischer Kronenorden, IV. Klasse Siamesischer Weißer Elefantenorden, Ritterkreuz (SE5) Roter Adlerorden, IV. Klasse ... später die Krone zur IV. Klasse erhalten Orden vom Zähringer Löwen, Ritterkreuz II. Klasse mit Eichenlaub (BZ3bmE) Albrechts-Orden, Ritterkreuz I. Klasse (SA3a) ... im Krieg die Krone und Schwerter erhalten (SA3amKr⚔) Danebrog-Orden, Kommandeurkreuz II. Klasse (DD2b) Erlöser-Orden, Ritter des goldenen Kreuzes
  12. Superb picture, thank you! Here are his promotions, I think and hope, I have gotten them right: 4. September 1890 Avantageur (Fahnenjunker) 18. April 1891 Fähnrich 17. November 1891 Sekondeleutnant 16. Juni 1900 Oberleutnant 11. September 1907 Hauptmann 27. Januar 1915 Major 1. Oktober 1920 Oberstleutnant 1. Juni 1923 Oberst
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