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Franz Joseph's 60th Anniversary cross


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Jubilee Decoration Cross Franz Joseph's 60th Anniversary 1848-1908

But is it for civil officials (Jubil?umskreuz f?r Zivilstaatsbedienstete)? I understood that there is supposed to be a plain red ribbon on it. I like to sell this item because I am not collecting Austria Hungary stuff but just it would be interesting to know about this ribbon.



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Hm, looks most likely like an Russian St. Anna order, or maybe Braunschweig? It's neither Austrian nor Baden ...

No, not Braunschweig, those have more yellow. It's a nice Russian ribbon worn in Austrian style ... :speechless:

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Thanks saschaw! :jumping:

I have one medal bar with St. Anna ribbon myself and its look same of course. But is it make sense? Did Austrians awarded this award to the Imperial Russian persons with St Anna ribbon (what was main ribbon for a Russian awards for non citizens, like I understand :unsure: ).

Same time this award was with different ribbons anyway? Maybe for Imperial Russia persons got them with St. Anna ribbon? Can someone give more information, I would be very thankful? :jumping:

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the Jubil?umskreuz 1848-1908 had three different ribbons, dividing the decoration in three groups:

1) Milit?r-Jubil?umskreuz (Jubilee Cross for Military): white with red side-stripes:

2) Jubil?umskreuz f?r Zivistaatsbedienstete (for Civil Officials): Red;

3) Jubil?ums-Hofkreuz (for Officials and Military attached to the Court): Red with white side-stripes (same as the Leopold Order).

Best wishes,


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