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Mystery (to me) Wurttemburg Medal

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That's a Wurttemburg campaign medal, I believe each was different( on the reverse the number of campaigns are in the shield, i.e. zwei, drei, etc)) depending on the number of campaigns the recipient participated in. What does the shield on the reverse read? Some are worth quite a bit.



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They were originally issued in 1840 for the Napoleonic Wars of 1795-1813 for 1 to 14 campaigns and in 1849 for 1 or 2 campaigns in the Schleswig-Holstein War. In 1866 they were given for the Austro-Prussian War, but with the cypher "K" on the reverse. This appears to be the 1840 model, although it's hard to tell from the scan. If the 49 there should be a small "D" on the rim near the eye. They were made from captured cannon.

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Expanding on the above information, I would like to point out something regarding this series of medals which could present some confusion. There are two significantly different obverse and reverse patterns for these medals which were struck in a number of combinations - mainly from those for one campaign through four campaigns. Shown below are the type 1 (left) and type 2 (right) obverses.

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