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    red flag of labor

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    I recently aquired a Red Flag of Labour fron the Hungarian Peoples republic. It is a lovely peice; unfortunately therre is a 'stain' on the banners enamel,(a line of misty white running from top to bottom!!!) the shields enamels are not complete (the enamel has missed the corners of the sheilds divisions!), & there is an area of white enamel where there should be blue around the shield!!!! Other than these irritating flaws it is a lovely peice; the slight cracks in the corner of the banner are the most annoying; these were obvoiusly not caused in the production process but probably due to rough handling of the parcel whilst held up during our postal strikes!!!! Thankfully you have to look close under a good light to spot these things. It still has pride of place amongst my Hungarian items though.

    It cost me ?125, uncased. Is this a good price? I would like to get another perfect example with case & mini if i ever can.

    Also, has anyone else got any pictures for me to do a few comparisons? I do not have a scanner to put up a picture of mine. The ones already up on the site are good pictures, but i want to see more!!!!! These are some of the best medals of the whole soviet bloc; in my opinion anyway.

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    Hi Bifer -

    Sounds like you got one that I may have held not too long ago! The laquer flaw reminds me of this one, but it may still be a different one... still, there are not that many out there. Here is one that I have in my collction

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